Welcome to the Aretas Dev Shop!

Welcome to the Aretas Dev Shop! As a company that works day to day in the IoT (Internet of Things) world, we're a huge fan of the Maker culture. As such, we've decided to make available in this store a lot of our inventory of components for kickstarting the prototyping and development of IoT and wireless sensor projects. This includes sensors, prototyping boards and other pieces of technology that we've developed for use with our platform, but which others may find useful in other projects too. We even include firmware to get you running quicker.

So if you are a maker, in academia, or just looking to get involved in the IoT revolution, we can help! We are even available for consulting work if you'd like even more help getting your project going. If you are looking for more robust, calibrated and packaged solutions that are plug and play, head over to www.aretas.ca and request a quote!

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