About Aretas

Everyone that works at Aretas Sensor Networks believes that Sensing the Environment is our career Ikigai (a reason for being). Sensors are, after all, an extension of our senses. Sensors translate the unseen for us. With a gas sensor, you can identify a substance that you cannot detect with your 5 senses. With a thermal sensor, you can see in the dark. By extending and amplifying our sensors, we gain new insights into the world around us.

Ikigai (a reason to get up in the morning)

There is an old adage “you can only manage what you measure”.  In a new age of prescriptive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, sensors have become more important than ever before. Rudimentary sensing devices like smoke detectors help save lives every day. Low cost insulin sensing devices help diabetics manage their disease and improve their lives in fundamental ways.

Aretas Sensor Networks (ASN) (founded in 2010) is an innovative Canadian technology company that develops high-end environmental sensor solutions for commercial, residential and industrial clients, IoT Gateway Systems and Cloud Infrastructure & Data Analytics. ASN is committed to using technology to improve human wellness.

ASN researches, develops and manufactures best-in-class wireless IoT sensor modules that (in one monitor) can detect a wide variety of environmental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, CO, NO2, CO2, O3, VOC, barometric pressure, radiation, sound, light, surface dust accumulation, etc. ASN also produces industrial monitoring systems capable of monitoring industrial processes, machinery, thermal cameras, existing 4-20mA equipment and more.

All of ASN’s IoT Cloud Infrastructure is self-owned. ASN’s customizable sensor modules and IoT Gateways send sensor data to the ASN IoT Cloud, where sensors and data can be visualized online, analyzed and acted upon by utilizing Aretas control systems. Aretas’ cloud and gateway systems can also ingest data from other sensor systems such as Siemens and Honeywell.

ASN develops custom solutions to meet the demand of various industry standards such as LEED, WELL, RESET, and USGBC. Aretas also assists our clients with meeting industry requirements for air quality, such as those set by Worksafe, WHMIS, etc.

A Kaizen company, ASN is committed to continuous improvement and positive ethos in all endeavors. ASN can manufacture in house or with large scale CRMs such as Dorigo systems. All of our custom products are developed by people who are passionate about the synergy of wellness, nature and technology. ASN’s strategy is to create high quality, leading edge products and services that represent significant gains in productivity, health and wellness, and/or profitability for its customers. ASN will leverage its ability to rapidly innovate as a means of staying ahead of competitors.

The rise in awareness of the many adverse health effects of polluted indoor and outdoor environments has led to an increase in demand for accurate, high-quality environmental monitoring devices. According to a new market research report “Environmental Monitoring Market by Product (Monitors, Sensors, and Software), Application (Air, Gas, Water, Soil, and Noise Pollution) and by Region – Global Trends and Forecasts to 2020”, published by MarketsandMarkets, the environmental monitoring market is expected to reach around $20.5 billion by 2020 with a CAGR of 7.5% during 2015 and 2020.

ASN has a number of competitive advantages, including self-owning and operating its IoT Cloud Infrastructure, while competitors typically outsource this function at a higher cost. Another key strength lies with ASN’s capabilities in relation to hardware and software development. ASN has a full complement of highly experienced software and hardware engineers, software developers, systems administrators, web strategists, and algorithm development experts that focus on areas such as R&D, custom product prototyping and development, automated CNC and PCB fabrication, and consulting. We believe that selling a North American made product will provide us with a market advantage, and that we can succeed on the basis of our ability to leverage our talent to be more nimble, creative and innovative than our competitors.

Aretas (ehr’ eh tass) is a greek mashup word that can mean moral excellence, power.


Aretas is an agile, continuous improvement company.