Arduino Compatible IoT Thermostat Board


Create your own cloud or wireless enabled thermostatic control solution. This board is powered by a standard 24VAC HVAC power (over 18/2 thermostat wire). You can also purchase an off-the-shelf 24VAC wall wart. Enable wireless control of this board by adding an XBee, WiFi or Bluetooth module. The board can control up to 3 relays on board with switched override circuits. That means you can do heat call / cooling call and/or fan controlĀ  and disable each circuit manually.

You can add up to 3 separate ASN I2C sensors (temperature, relative humidity, gas, etc) and several of the remaining Atmega328P MCU pins are broken out to headers for adding other custom solutions.

This board fits into a standard Polycase enclosure to enable a finished look to your custom solution (inquire for details)


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