Arduino Compatible Wireless Protoboard



This is a full functioning Arduino compatible board with built-in prototyping board area. This board is designed for rapid prototyping of wireless IoT solutions. There are two extra 3-pin headers broken out for common analog temperature (e.g. MCP9700) and relative humidity sensors (HIH4130) connected to A0 and A1 respectively. The I2C bus is also broken out on a separate header. The addition of a 3.3 volt regulator and XBee compatible headers make it easy to add wireless to any project. And, unlike Fio-type wireless boards (which run at 8MHZ due to the 3V3 voltage rail) this board runs at the full 16MHZ and provides a separate voltage regulator and level translator for the XBee module footprint.


  • Atmega328P (Uno compatible)
  • 16MHZ
  • 7.5 – 12VDC input
  • Wireless module compatible (XBee, ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth)
  • 10-bit on board ADC
  • FTDI and ICSP headers


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