Differential air pressure sensor MB-LPS1-01-020B5N



The differential air pressure (or other non-corrosive gas pressure), inferring differential pressure from nano-liters per second gasflow through an integrated air-flow channel having high flow impedance. The transducer is a MEMS-based thermoanemometer on a monolithic silicon chip. Rejustor technology combined with CMOS circuitry provides on-chip-integrated analog-only compensation and conditioning electronics. The chips are powered by 5V supply, with ratiometric output voltage between 0.5V and 4.5V. See features & documentation below.


  • Linear output
  • Small size, small footprint
  • High flow-impedance in the range of tens to hundreds of kPa/(ml/s)
    – Dominates flow-impedance in series (in-line) configurations.
    – Minimizes flow-through in bypass (parallel, shunt) configurations.
    – Allows use of filters and connection hoses without losing calibration.
    – Establishes excellent resistance to dust/humidity contamination
  • Rejustor-based analog-only on-chip signal conditioning electronics to compensate (Offset, TC-Offset, Span, TC-Span).

Image shown is a representation only. Exact image and specifications should be obtained from the datasheet: differential-pressure-sensor-mb-lps1.


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