CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Monitor

Regular price $249.00

The Aretas CO2 Monitor is a wireless device that lets you monitor CO2 from your phone, tablet or PC from anywhere you have Internet access. You can monitor many locations and sensors from one Dashboard. Save energy by monitoring temperature and relative humidity (included) and implement cost savings measures. Mitigate poor air quality issues or monitor for mold risk and adverse environmental conditions.
  • 400 - 5,000 PPM CO2 (several options available)
  • Several Wireless Options Available (WiFi Standard)
  • Flexible Power Options (DC, AC, USB)
  • Display Available (optional)
  • Audible Alarm (optional)
  • Configurable reporting interval, alarm, etc
  • Customized Options Available
  • Cloud and Edge Compatible / Alerts / Text Alerts / Charting
  • USB Programmable (depending on mainboard

*Pricing includes a 1 year Cloud Software Subscription. Renewal is $50/year/device.